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"The identity system for Lake house was inspired by local trail maps - encouraging guest to get out of their room and enjoy the Adirondacks. We used topographic patterns, mountain coordinates and created iconography around the activities available during each season. The color palette is minimal, letting the natural textures and landscape take center stage. A rustic red is used throughout, adding a pop of color that ties back to the rich heritage of the Adirondacks."

At Tag Collective, the mission is to empower the people they believe in with thoughtful design solutions. Tag Collective believes that good design is more than just a pretty face — that’s why they’re dead set on working with visionaries who have the guts to do meaningful work. They promise their clients a process born from human empathy, designed to draw clarity from chaos to help them fulfill their potential.

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Makers Union Logo Concept Original:
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Makers Union Logo Concept Original:


Sonia Tercero typophile
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Sonia Tercero


Artillery Mock Ups by Joe WhiteTwitter || Source
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"Perfect Style in Every Situation" by Miyuki Ohashi 
#Styldby #DressNormal
See her illustration on
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"Perfect Style in Every Situation" by Miyuki Ohashi 

#Styldby #DressNormal

See her illustration on

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Ridewell by Intelligent Design (20% off).

Ridewell is a wood type inspired typeface filled with amazing opentype features. It has a wonderfully warm and letterpress vintage look and it comes in two styles, a regular and a printed/weathered version.

Both styles feature a full uppercase and lowercase set but also a variety of opentype goodies that make Ridewell unique and expand each style into a huge superset. With over 1800 glyphs per style you can take full advantage of stylistic alternates (titling alternates in Adobe InDesign), contextual alternates, discretionary ligatures, ligatures, numerators, denominators and much more to create your own designs. The combinations are just endless.

Download it here:

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Last day: JumboZilla: Thousands of Design Resources worth $11,227 Just $129 

Here you’ll find 26 different collections that have thousands of top-quality elements. Even if you could get all these premium deals at their discounted price (which would’ve taken you 2 years), you’d still have to pay $788.9. But exclusively with this deal, you can get the entire super premium bundle for just $129.

What you get::

  • badges
  • retro insignias
  • logos
  • typographic catchwords
  • patterns, textures
  • templates of magazines
  • business cards
  • invitations
  • keynotes
  • brochures
  • layer styles
  • infographics
  • icons
  • vector illustrations, etc.

Since is imposible to fit all the content in a photoset of only 10 images I strongly recommend don’t skip this post and see all the things included.

See all the items here:

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